04 Mar 2018

Community Strength The Sikh community has always been a tight knit group of people. Especially within the Gurdwara you may attend, you really get to know and understand the people who go there, you have a sense of family, of belonging and sharing. Like family there is love, tension and understanding too. These last few […]

24 Sep 2017

Weed, grass, pot, and dope are among some of the common street names referring to marijuana, the most commonly used illicit drug among Canadian youth, besides alcohol1.  According to the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey 2009, the average age of first time cannabis use among youth was 15.6 years of age. The prevalence […]

24 Sep 2017

I was going to make my husband blueberry pancakes one day, but when I had opened the carton of blueberries most of them had gone bad. Its funny how one bad blueberry can affect the whole batch. It got me thinking how life works the same way. One person can have a greatly positive or […]

22 Feb 2017

In about 85-88% of bullying incidents observed on the school playground, peers were present and were watching the bullying happen. Peers spent 54% of the time watching the child who was bullying and 21% of the time joining in. Children are drawn to bullying episodes, even though the majority of children say they don’t like to see another […]

07 Jan 2017

Working from 9-5 is not all life has to offer. Looking forward to “TGIF” is not all life has to give. There is more to life than just a job. It is estimated we spend 4 years of our life looking at our cell phone screen. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snap chat. And who knows what […]

30 Dec 2016

When you go through a life changing experience, there are things like getting married, having kids or moving to a different city. There are also things like losing a part of your daily living, just like someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s, may forget how to drive or brush their teeth, living with a disability; blindness, […]