24 Sep 2017

No Excuses

I was going to make my husband blueberry pancakes one day, but when I had opened the carton of blueberries most of them had gone bad. Its funny how one bad blueberry can affect the whole batch.

It got me thinking how life works the same way. One person can have a greatly positive or negative impact on a group of people. But why does the negative always tend to take over our positive mindset.

It starts from our youth and carries on in adulthood. I remember in grade 6 there was a spelling contest held among our classes. There were numerous complex words we had to spell, I was competing for first place, until the teacher asked me to spell “vacuum”, It sounded pretty easy, so I took a shot and spelt it “v-a-c-u-m-e”.

“Im sorry Manpreet, but thats wrong”. That word “wrong” kept ringing in my ear. My heart sank into my stomach, I could feel the heat rise on my face and my palms sweaty. I felt frozen.

How could I miss this word, I probably didn’t study enough, uh Im so embarrassed, everyones just starring at me, I thought to myself. I prided myself on my academics, I was such a nerd. I wanted to win so badly, so I could make my parents proud.

It was my opponent’s turn and she got the correct spelling and of course first place. Ill never forget how to spell that word again. I got second place but it didn’t feel good enough.

I got made fun of the next couple of days. Even though I could spell so many more complex words, no one remembered those, they only remembered the one word I lost to. Eventually kids move on and forget these things. But the lesson was why did we only remember the loss, the negative.

Even in adulthood we continue to do this with our graded exams, sports metals, work projects or even relationships. If we continued to think like this we wouldn’t get far at all. Jk Rowling’s first Harry Potter manuscript was rejected dozens of times before it got accepted. Oprah was told by TV executives she wasn’t fit for TV. But they kept going.

Just because you’re not first, doesn’t mean you didn’t accomplish something. You can, in your own way. It could take you longer, more tries and more sweat and tears than others but at least you’re creating your own path for whatever you want to do.

We cant dwell on the negative for “mistakes” we made, it will get us no where and that is a far bigger loss. We shouldn’t program ourselves for learning that it is a mistake, failure or loss, but rather a learning experience. You still “win” because you learned and grew from it.

As for being made fun of, I guess its apart of childhood. But what about in adulthood, the name changes but its the same thing, we don’t call it “being made fun of” it becomes “gossip” when someone screws up. Worse in my opinion, because people dont gossip in front of you. And so we cannot educate them, help one another, learn, grow, be positive or be positive about it.

Regardless of what kids tell other kids or the gossip, if you keep a positive mindset then no ones opinion matters but yours. It doesn’t matter if you’re first or second, you will find your own way to what you want to achieve and will grow and continue to learn.

You don’t want to be the rotten blueberry and destroy the batch.

Ps: we still had pancakes, I used banana instead.

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