07 Jan 2017

Failure is the pre-requisite to success

Working from 9-5 is not all life has to offer.

Looking forward to “TGIF” is not all life has to give.

There is more to life than just a job.

It is estimated we spend 4 years of our life looking at our cell phone screen.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snap chat. And who knows what else.

If we spent even a fraction of that time reading, talking to one another, LEARNING something new. Who knows how much more we could achieve.

I’m not preaching technology is bad, but if we use it in the right way it can be better. To LEARN, CONNECT and HELP one another.

We would be wiser than we can ever be.

FEAR holds us back and causes barriers in our strongest asset – our MIND.

There is a lot of “almost” “close to” or “I tried kinda, sorta” type of people out there.

But if you want to be one of those people, then you will get those types of results.

You will struggle. Yes, you will fail. But whose opinion matters most. Only yours.

JK Rowling was a single mom on government aid, whose first harry potter manuscript got rejected dozens of times before a small publishing company gave it a try.

Now she is one of the wealthiest people alive.

Most successful people aren’t where they are today because of a handout.

I can give examples of many well- known successful people – but we can BE THE EXAMPLE our selves.

What matters most is that you keep going until you DO IT. ACHIEVE IT. BE IT. LIVE IT. SAY IT. LOVE IT.

And truly use every inch of your mind, body and soul to GET IT.

Accepting the CHALLENGE is the contract and FAILURE is the pre-requisite to SUCCESS.

OWN your life and make the changes you need NOW. Don’t sell yourself short. And MOVE now.

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