30 Dec 2016

Never Lose Character

When you go through a life changing experience, there are things like getting married, having kids or moving to a different city. There are also things like losing a part of your daily living, just like someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s, may forget how to drive or brush their teeth, living with a disability; blindness, deafness or losing a limb. As a nurse I have worked with patients who in some way have to alter their lifestyle. Whether its using assistive devices to carry on their activities of daily living, living with a new heart, repercussions of a stroke, or learning to use insulin. Whatever it is, I notice how patients also have to alter their thinking, gain new knowledge about how to use these devices, how their day is going to be different now, what limitations or challenges will they face?

The easiest thing to do is to accept failure, convince ourselves life is over and we cannot continue to achieve the rest of our goals we had set out for ourselves. Failure is easy to accept. The challenge of moving on, finding alternative ways is when we really grow and achieve so much more. We can only do this if we train our minds to have the right mindset. What is that?

You may have your own definition of what the right mindset is. Over the years, through my experiences it was to flood your mind with positive and motivating thoughts, “why not”, “yes I can”, “I am going to do this”, “Ill find another way”. Thoughts that will drive you to achieve your goal. It also helps to have people around that will support you in achieving that goal.

My husband and I wanted to be more secure in our financial life, some people didn’t understand why we wouldn’t want a 9-5 job and just be happy. Because most people think mainstream and they dont want any other risk or dont fully understand the idea of financial security. If I got laid off or lost my job today, people would say I’m not successful anymore because I simply don’t have a job, I don’t play a role in society, Im not filling another given hole. To be honest, I love being a nurse, I couldn’t think of any other job Id want to do. But, What Ive learned through personal experiences and the lives of my patients, is never to trust your sole financial security on just a job. Because in the end no matter what you do or who you are, you could lose it any day to illness or the economy or they found someone to replace you. So being successful to me is not having a job. Its having financial security.

We did have times we felt more run down and beat up by society than supported by it. Because society had its own definition of success. That definition is filling another role in society, another degree, another job, another set wage. Which is okay, we need defined roles and a steady income. But, we also need more security.

If you follow that definition, you will never be as successful as you want or as financially secure as you want. You have to realize is that success is what you make it, its your own definition, its in your control and your mind plays a huge role.

You will have to stand 10 feet tall to overcome any challenge, through perseverance, support for one another and being positive, these were our pillars that made up a strong mindset. We wanted more security, financial freedom and time with one another and for our future children, so why not plan now. We knew we would get through this and find a way.

That way was real estate investing, we gained the knowledge to have a financially secure life and the inner motivation required to overcome many obstacles.

As we learned we grew stronger, financially smarter and we never lost our character or got stuck in the rat race again. Just like a patient in health care, we educated our selves, changed our mindframe, and seeked new network connections to help facilitate our life change. The things we learned in our journey would truly frame the rest of our lives.

Picture a day that you could wake up and choose to not go to work. You were financially secure enough that you chose to stay home and spend that day with your family, or doing some leisurely activity or just sleep in. This is the true value of being “rich”, gaining more time because you dont have to go to work. You only live once and from my experiences as a nurse, time is precious and I want most of it spent with my loved ones.

We wanted to share our story and show people in your hardest times never to give up, continue learning, and persevere, in our up coming book by my self and Komal Kaler, “Invest and Grow Rich”.

We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to charity (haven’t decided which ones yet). We are excited about this book and will be happy even if it helps one person.


About the picture:

The picture for this blog was chosen because it reminded me of zen. I am literally balancing on a small pole, making myself 10 feet tall as I mention in my blog. Zen is a state of mind, relaxed and calm and seeing things without distortion from our own mind. When our mind is in Zen we are more aware, aware of our inner being, drive, and full potential. We become more encouraged. And this is how we should always be. When society distorts our mind and makes us think we have failed due to societal given standards, we should be embarrassed or ashamed, negative thoughts flood our mind and our potential freezes. If we followed the path of what society defines as a success and failure, we would have frozen. But instead we blocked out these opinions and definitions of success and failure given by society by having a strong mindset. Then we had no one to please but ourselves. You become un- stoppable.

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